Sabotage Collection

Androgyny is not a new wave in fashion. From David Bowie to Marilyn Manson , creative people have been pushing the envelope on gender bending […]


Aqua Collection

The collection was realized through the entangling of two completely different approaches that end up creating a vibrating image of diversified materials and compositions. This […]


Nebula Collection

“Nebula” focuses on the blending of history and tradition, with subtle pinches of occult,magic and mystery, inspired by a slightly futuristic and fictional view. From […]


The Story

Anamaria Dobras started playing with the concept of contemporary jewelry 8 years ago, this was before she had started her studies at the Faculty of Arts and Design of Timisoara. She is currently a graduate of the master program at the same institution, having studied product design. During the past years, she has successfully graduated courses for the processing of precious metals and she has her own workshop.

As a contemporary jeweler, she works under the name of DDjewelry, which is starting to be known for the launching of the statement pieces, which bear a subtle significance and unravel it on their own.

Her creations show a clear preference for experimentalism – this is visible when it comes to textures but also to compositions. The mixture of aesthetics, shapes and colors aims to awaken profound feelings and diverse states of mind. Her style is quite contemporary, but she uses a variety of elements which confer a gothic baroque vision. What she wishes the most is to inspire through her creations. Her aim is to create objects worthy of a sentimental value, worthy of becoming talismanic.

One of her biggest passions is the continuous process of searching, innovation and self improvement. Beyond the fact that this is necessary for the creative spirit, self improvement has become something natural for her.

"I wish to bring joy to people through my creations and my aim is to design pieces worthy of bearing a sentimental value, along with the material one. The attachment towards an object, garnished with the wearer’s feelings, can transform it into a precious gem of the soul. "