DDJewelry at Made in Ro 4 , Part of Romanian Design Week ( 17-18 may 2014 )

I am very happy to be part of this event with my latest collection : “Dor”!

The story and the concept behind this collection is this:

She is running through a new world with her eyes wide open. Her feet are bare and her hair strands are fluttering in the wind.  She is filled with curiosity and hunger to  discover this fairy-tale like world of the backyard, which seems endless. She laughs while she she runs through the clothes hung out to dry. They have that fresh smell that can only come from being washed with the paddle in the river. She finally arrives in front of her grandfather, his face full of wrinkles. He is lying under a locust tree, holding a string in his hand, ready to cut a piece of steamy polenta. The smell of fresh bread baking the oven is so welcoming, that it steals all of your thoughts.

The grandfather picks her up and places  her on the bench  next to him. He is now telling her one of his many stories, that the young child can’t yet comprehend. But these stories will one day be present in her subconscious, as voices that will subtly guide her decisions, hopes, values and emotions out of the shadows.

Today all I can say is: dor[1]! 

I miss having a healthy value system,  in a society where value is given by the type of your car and by the number of 0’s in your bank account, by breast implants and by duck-faces and sad fake smiles in selfies made with pretentious cells bought with the money of some Italian sugar daddy.

I miss seeing children playing hopscotch, children who know who Moromete is or at least children who had the opportunity to be comforted by their busy parents, always running to make money. I miss seeing children running and playing with each other with wide smiles on their faces, in a world where each child is isolated between 4 walls and his only window to the world, except the nanny, is the TV, where inappropriate cartoons are displayed or the computer witch much too violent games.

I miss the smell of warm homemade bread, the fresh sheep cheese, the thick sour cream, the onions and the bacon found in grandma’s pantry, in the age of consumerism, where everything we eat has at least one E and a taste that more or less reminds us of plastic.

I miss a country where the citizens can feel protected, not impoverished,deceived and stolen from.I miss a decent normality, in which the citizen has rights and is respected, and where people have equal chances, where bribery, corruption and theft are not so obvious. A country where the citizens are not obligated to go to other countries and become willing slaves on Spanish plantations, in order to provide a decent living for their family at home. A country that also produces, not only consumes. O country that loved, notbespattered. A country that has a lot to offer and plenty  treasures, but the citizens have a such thick clouds above their value system, that they can’t see them.  A country to belong to us, not to be sold by pieces to others by a couple of smart guys.

 I am longing … longing for my childhood, for my grandfather’s garden, for his stories, for what’s real.

The “Dor” collection desires to awaken authentic memories of feelings and values, which we can still encounter in the rural areas, but are, unfortunately, about to be extinct.

This is a satire of the times we are living in, created through the contrast between urban life and village life.

[1] Dor is a very complex Romanian term, which cannot be fully translated into any other language, because it has several meanings. In this context the synonyms for it are “to miss” and “to long for”. 

editorial dor preview  credits-model-dora tapos - photo - emil costrut - styling -  patricia luiza - hair - alafi andrei si chirila alexandru - make up - baciu carmen

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