DDJewelry featured in Jewel Fairs&Magazines Guide

It`s a great pleasure for me, to be selected and featured in this international jewelry guide!

The selected ring is part of ”  Nebula ” Collection

“Nebula” focuses on the blending of history and tradition, with subtle pinches of occult,magic and mystery, inspired by a slightly futuristic and fictional view.

From a perspective beyond ergonomics, the pieces included in this collection bear a talismanic significance.
Slightly different from classical jewelry, this collection also includes body accessories.
Traditional, Romanian symbols are subtly present in the composition of the jewels.

Out of the nebulous conjuction between the old and the new, one vivid question arises:„Considering the origins, what`s next?”.

The materials used come to the aid of the talismanic symbolism: 925 silver, semi-precious stones, antlers, bone and wood. The futuristic idea is revealed through the subtle gravings on some of the pieces and the hammering technique accentuates the archaism.

The ring featured is called “Tree of Life Ring ”
Material : silver 925, black patina, rough Opal
Grams: 20,63
Dimensions : 24 x 28 x 32mm
Size: 54
Made entirely by hand , one of a kind piece.

The tree of life symbol
Spread your roots around my universe and let me reach higher, to polish the crown on your head.

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Tree of LifeTree of Life