“I am I” Collection Video Launch

When does a being become an object?
When does the other person become an object?
When do I become an object?
Can I be a witness and an object at the same time?
Or can an object become a being?

The latest contemporary art collection of jewelry, “I am I” signed by Ana Dobraș; tries to answer these questions and raises a few others.
The most fragile thing in the world made timeless in a jewelry collection that addresses self-love and acceptance.

Contemporary art jewelry and concept: Dobraș Anamaria
Director: Ungvári Oscar
DoP: Gruden Lóránd
1st AC (focus puller): Csarnó László
DIT: László Kun
Gaffer: Dan Pereț
Editing and Music: Ungvári Oscar
Actors in order of appearance: Sipos Lilla, Tőtős Ádám, Ciprian Ciuciu-Pitz
MUA: Mirela Fazakas
Hair: Andrea Rubinstein
Dress: Romanian flags and ancient dresses
Assistants: Guillaume Blondel, Nagy Christian
Locations: Darvas-La Roche house, Kingsland
Text: Ramona Novicov and Nic Ardelean
Special Thanks: László Kun, Amazing Visuals and the Naked Pixel, sc. Accesorii Prod srl., sc. Galvan Alco srl.