Sabotage Collection featured in Samizdat Magazine

Sabotage Collection featured in Samizdat Magazine The story :

Androgyny is not a new wave in fashion. From David Bowie to Marilyn Manson , creative people have been pushing the envelope on gender bending for a long time. Even if the concept is old, it manifests differently with every generation. Fashion was always geared towards either a masculine or a feminine extreme: dumping corsets in the twenties, the sexual revolution in the sixties, the ultra masculine costumes of the eighties.
All of them were consequences of the changes that were brought on socio-politically. In the last few years, these social circumstances pushed the fashion industry in an androgynous zone, where effeminate men are appreciated even more by the female public, and manly woman attract more and more men.
Obviously, the fashion world came to be powerfully influenced by this, and designers tent to create clothes and jewelry meant for both sexes, completely sabotaging the idea of gender. A certain piece of clothing or jewelry does not have to be characterized by gender. If the product is good, it shouldn’t matter whether a man or a woman wears it; this practically becomes an ideal.
Text by Astrid Tarlea
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